This was for a friend on I was proud of it so I decided to put it on here to. This was just for fun. It doesn't follow my Naruto CAPTURE THEM series.

(This story was written as a request by Ele who read my Hinata Foot Tickling story. Hope you enjoy.)

Hinata Foot Worship.

Hinata was training hard in the feild since dawn. Her teammates Shino and Kiba even her sensei Kurenai suggested she take a break. She told them no. She was determined to be stronger than Neji, just like Naruto was. "I'll be stronger than Neji if it kills me." Hinata thought as she blasted a wooden pole with some chakkra. Hinata looked at the sun and saw it was almost nightfall. "I think that is enough for today. I should head on home. After a good night sleep I'll get back to training." Hinata said.

As Hinata started walking home Naruto peeked through the bushes and saw she was leaving. This was his chance. Not only a chance to be friends with her, but also to see her feet and have them. (See Naruto has always wanted Hinata's feet because he had a female foot fetish. He loved them all. He thought about asking to worship Sakura's feet but he knew what would happen. She would scream "NO WAY YOU DIGUSTING LITTLE PERV!" and punch him. So he knew Hinata would never punch him so he started watching her and he noticed how sexy her feet are. He just had to have them.) So this was his chance. Naruto kept following her behind the bushes and waited for the most perfect chance to talk to her. "My feet hurt sooooo much. I think I trained just a bit to hard." Hinata said looking at her feet. "This is my chance!" Naruto said to himself. So he got out the bushes and went to confront Hinata.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto said. "Hey Naruto." Hinata said. "So what are you doing here?" Naruto asked her. "Oh I'm just trying to drag myself home after training all day. I would've already done it by now but my feet hurt sooooooooo much." Hinata said. "Perfect." Naruto thought to himself. "Now is MY chance." He once again thought to himself. "Hey Hinata." Naruto said. "Yes? What is it Naruto?" Hinata asked. "How about you let me carry me home for you and I'll rub your feet for you. I bet you will feel MUCH better." Naruto said. "Would you really do that for me Naruto?" Hinata said. "Sure. What are friends for." Naruto said smiling. So Naruto walked over to Hinata, picked her up and then he started carrying her home.

Once at Hinata's house Naruto laid her on her couch that was sitting in the living room. "Thank you Naruto." Hinata said. "That was the first part. Now here is the second part." Naruto said. Naruto walked to the couch and sat on the end where Hinata's feet were. He pulled of Hinata's black sandals and set them on the floor. Once he finished setting her sandals down he stared at her smooth bare feet. "Dang. Those feet are perfect. I can't wait to worship them. I will start out with a footrub then after she gets comfortable I will start the worship." Naruto thought. "I hope they don't smell to bad." Hinata said almost blushing. "Oh no it's not bad at all." Naruto said. "Naruto please do not try to make me feel better. They have to at least have a small odor." Hinata said almost frowing. "Oh no. It's nothing really." Naruto said. "Prove it then." Hinata said giggling. Naruto put both her feet on his face and took a deep breath. "See it's nothing. In fact I kinda like the smell." Naruto said. "Well ok then Naruto you can start massaging my feet now." Hinata said. And with that, Naruto started with her right foot.

He started with her arches. Moving his thumbs in a circular motion around her arch. He loved the way Hinata's foot felt. He massaged the arch of her foot for 10 minutes and then went to her heel and started pushing in a little pressure. Not much though. Naruto heard Hinata moan. "All right. This is working." Naruto thought to himself. "Ohhhhhh Naruto you are sooooo good at this." Hinata said moaning. "Thanks." Naruto said. Naruto went up to her toes and started to massage them. Naruto apparently got her sore spot and he heard Hinata make a huge moan. "What's the matter Hinata? Did I accidently touch a sore spot that hurt?" Naruto asked. He was worried because if he hurt her there was no chance he was gonna be able to worship her feet."Oh no I'm fine, it was just that was my favorite spot and it felt sooooooooo goooood I couldn't help myself but moan in pleasure. Thank you Naruto." Hinata said. "Gosh, thanks Hinata." Naruto said. "I think it is time you give this foot some pleasure to." Hinata said smiling as she held up her left foot wiggling her toes. "Ok." Naruto said as he grabbed her foot.

Naruto began massaging her left foot the same way he did the right foot. Apparently her left foot was more sore than her left because Hinata let our more moans of pleasure. He massaged her arch, then went to her heel, and finally went to her toes. When Naruto started massaging her toes, Hinata constantly keep moaning because it felt so good to her. After about a half hour on each foot Naruto set her feet down on the couch. "That was great Naruto thank you." Hinata said. "Your welcome." Naruto responed. "Hey Naruto can you moisturize my feet for me please." Hinata asked. "Sure no thing. I would more than happy to." Naruto said as he was getting up and going to a shelf on the corner where Hinata kept lotions for all different parts of the body and all different kinds of smells. "So what kind do you want me to use?" Naruto asked. "Ummm.... Naruto I kinda don't want you to use lotion. I was kinda hoping you would use your tounge. That way I get more a massage and moisture on my feet. Plus you said you would be more than happy to." Hinata said. Hinata thought at that very moment that Naruto would say "NO WAY!" and leave. But he didn't. He responded the excat opposite way. "OK SURE NO THING!" Naruto had a huge grin on his face. "YES!" he thought. "I AM ACTUALLY GONNA WORSHIP HINATA HYUGA'S FEET!" Naruto walked back over to the couch and sat down. "Which foot do you want me to start with?" Naruto asked. "Start with the right." Hinata said.

Naruto started licking the heel of her foot and starting going upwards to her sole. He licked her sole for 15 minutes until it was soaked. Naruto then went up to her toes and wrapped his lips around her big toe and started to suck it. Hinata let out a huge moan when he did this. Naruto sucked her toe for about 5 mintues and that is when Hinata said, "Hey Naruto. I bet you can't get all 5 of my toes in your mouth." Hinata giggled and wiggled her toes. "I bet I can just watch." Naruto said. So her took all of her toes and put them in his mouth and started sucking on him while using his tonge to lick her toes at the same time. "I guess you were right Naruto." Hinata said giggling.  Naruto sucked all her toes for 20 minutes and then he looked at her foot. All soaked in saliva and Naruto said, "Time for the left one now." "Ok." Hinata said. So Naruto set her foot down and grabbed the other to started to give her left foot the same treatment.

Naruto licked her heel, licked her sole, and sucked her toes the same way he did to Hinata's other foot. When Naruto started sucking on all 5 of her toes she let out, what had to be the biggest moan of that entire night. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Naruto. Your soooooooo good. Thank you very much." Hinata said. Naruto would've said something if he wasn't sucking all of her toes at the same time. Naruto finished sucking her toes and then set her foot down. "Hey Naruto. You forgot something." Hinata said smiling. "What?" Naruto said. "Well you never licked between my toes. They are still dirty, who knows you might get a meal while you're down there." Hinata said giggling. When she said that Naruto froze. His mind went completely blank. Then it came back. "YES!" he was thinking. "HOW COULD I FORGOT TO LICK BETWEEN HER TOES. ALL THE TOEJAM AND OTHER STUFF!" His mind was going out of control until Hinata said something. "Well aren't you gonna do it?" Hinata asked. Naruto came back into reality and said, "Gimme those feet."

Naruto started licking between all her toes like he was starving in the desert. He got tons of toejam and sweat. There was so much Naruto was almost full. "Taste good Naruto?" Hinata giggled. Naruto responded, "You betcha." "Hmmmm...Naruto you have done very well. Thank you. We have to do this again sometime. Before you go, can you put all 10 of my toes in your mouth. If you can we will do this again tomorrow." Hinata said. Naruto wasn't gonna let this opportunity down. He picked up both her feet and then put 5 of her toes in his mouth, then took the other 5 and put them in his mouth and starting licking and sucking on all the toes at once. "Heh heh Naruto you look like Choji like that." Hinata said laughing. It was true, his face looked like he was Choji, and one that was eating to. Naruto took her toes out of his mouth and started laughing to. "That's genius Hinata. Well I'll see you tomorrow." Naruto said. "Thanks. Same time tomorrow ok Naruto." Hinata said. "Ok." Naruto said as he was leaving her house.

As Naruto was walking home he decided to go eat some ramen at Ichiraku's. He walked in and saw Choji sitting next to him eating a big bowl of ramen. "Hey Choji." Naruto said. Choji looked up at Naruto with the rest of his bowl of ramen in his mouth. Naruto started laughing like crazy. "That's how I looked when I had all of Hinata's toes in my mouth? That's hillarious." Naruto thought. Choji swallowed the ramen and asked, "What's so funny Naruto." "Oh it's nothing." Naruto said. "Well I'm going home see ya." Choji said and then he left. Once he left. Naruto continued laughing on how his face looked when he had all of Hinata's toes in his mouth.